The Ghost Warriors (ゴースト戦士 'Gōsuto Senshi') are a group of phantom fighters revived as ghosts[2] by Dr. Raichi's supercomputer, Hatchiyack.

The original group in its debut was composed of Dr. Raichi, Frieza, Cooler, Lord Slug, and Turles.

Overview Edit

Members Edit

  1. Hatchiyack (Creator)
  2. Dr. Raichi (Leader)
  3. Ghost Frieza
  4. Ghost Cooler
  5. Ghost Lord Slug
  6. Ghost Turles
  7. Ghost Cell
  8. Ghost Super 17
  9. Ghost Bojack
  10. Ghost Kid Buu
  11. Arbee (minion)
  12. Kinkarn (minion)
  13. Ponkarn (minion)
  14. Kawazu (minion)
  15. Bontan (minion)
  16. Roszak (minion)
  17. Jiku (minion)
  18. Skud (minion)
  19. Bude (minion)
  20. Gure (minion)
  21. God Guardon (minion)

Trivia Edit

  • Even though it is stated in the original version that the Ghost Warriors can only be defeated by the same way they were killed when they were alive, none of the Ghost Warriors are defeated in that way, though they are defeated similarly. The remake forgoes the original version's rule regarding the precise method of "killing" a Ghost Warrior.
  • Turles' inclusion among the Ghost Warriors is generally thought of as unusual given that he is a Saiyan; he even goes on to say that his hatred for Saiyans surpasses those of the other villains, which is at odds with the typical "Saiyan pride" he displayed in his debut movie. He does in fact states in the original OVA that he hates Saiyans because he was killed by a fellow member of his own race (Goku).

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